Great changes begin from within

I decided to write this small article inspired by a great Greek philosopher’s Plutarch quote. Plutarch was one of the most influential ancient Greek philosophers. He believed that our thoughts manifest themselves through our actions and that they are able to impact our lives and the world around us. The quote says: “What we achieve inwardly, will change our outer reality”

In my understanding what he meant to say by that is that we are all able to do and to achieve much more. Only if we believe in our selves, if we use the power of our feelings, thoughts and believes we can change our reality.

People usually use reasons in order to explain things and events that are happening to them. Even if we are admitting it or not, feelings exist within our brain. Our brain can feel emotions and the emotional side of the brain is going to override the rational one at some point, whether we are aware of it or not. By ignoring our feelings we are automatically less prepared to deal with what is called human factor.

So if you wish to change your life and your reality, you need to start to believe in yourself. Positive changes begin from within. One is sure, those who don’t believe in magic will never find it. When I say magic I mean the power of inner imagination and ones believes.

I’ll finish this article with the lyrics of the Parkway Drive song ”The river”, that says: ”It’s not the years in your life. It’s the life in your years!”

So, it is up to you how do you chose to live your life. Even Albert Einstein said that imagination is the answer for everything and it is a preview for all life’s upcoming attractions. And remember this, if you cannot see it, it doesn’t mean that it don’t exist, you just have to believe in it.

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Great changes begin from within

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