Feeling good

Happiness is not having what you want it is appreciating what you have.

Some people think that they can not really enjoy things to the hilt because they are not rich, successful or famous. Some others that they can not enjoy anything when they are alone. Well here is a good news you can be happy no matter whats happen in your life but only if you don’t let others control your attitude. You can be happy even when others are unhappy with you, this is their choice.

Photo by me Joy
Malmö Sweden

We can find enjoyment and meaning in the small things from being surrounded by nature, appreciating a good meal, or glass of wine and using our creativity and the joy of creating.

True happiness comes from having a purpose in our lives or doing something that makes us feel we are making a difference.

Some people determine their worth based on what others have. Some people are unhappy because they believe they are worthless. I know it hurts I  was there myself before few years. It take a lot of study and courage to build your lost self-confidence. For me this journey was slow and painful but I manage to go out of this darkness of myself.

Photo by me
Pag island

One of the books that helps me a lot  is the book that I read and re-read again and again.

I am talking about the book ”Feeling good” the mood therapy David D. Burns,  M.D.

It is the clinically proven drug-free treatment for depression.

I will share a paragraph from the book with you just to trigger your attention. And no this post is not advertising for the book it is just a friendly suggestion because this book helped me a lot and I am sure that will help you to if you find your self in similar situations.

” Why Am I Not Worthless?

As long as I have something to contribute to the well-being of myself and others, I am not worthless.

As long as what I do can have a positive effect I am not worthless.

As long as my being alive makes a difference to even one person, I am not  worthless.

( And this one person can be me if necessary.)…”

Pages (250, 251 )”Feeling good” David D. Burns, M.D.

All I need to be happy right now is just a good cup of warm coffee and maybe
some chocolate chip cookies.

Have nice day.

Photo by me
Feeling good



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