How to become successful

There is a lot of successful people around us. There is also a lot of people who would like to become successful but they just don’t know how.

First of all find your passion. Then you have to separate your passion from reality. Instead of thinking about why you are not going to succeed, think about how you are going to succeed.Think positive. Let your passion and your ideas grow, just ignore  criticism and reality. Surround your self with creative people who  live their dreams. This people are going to be your motivators and your role models.

Be strong like this roses, they still blossom despising the frost and snow.

Photo by me
Frozen roses
The Netherlands

The story of Disney is one of the most inspiring stories for me. If you have a  love for what you do, vision and passion nothing can stop you. Sometimes we need to lose the small battles in order to win the war. Sometime you may have to fight a battle more than once to win it.

Make your first step what ever that means.You can start by coming up with a slogan or tag line for your business, and then do the next step, then next step. Every next step is the prove that you believe in your dream no matter how big or small this step is. Build your dream based on your passion like the puzzle, piece by piece.

Successful people are the tailors of their own destiny.

Mark Twain quote

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